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Studio Figura International is the creator of the Studio Figura brand; there are over 1000 studios in the world, of which more than 300 are located in Poland.

Studio Figura International is the producer of devices such as the Roll-Shaper®, Vacu-Shaper®, Infra-Shaper® Swan, and Tulip.

The number of studios working with the Studio Figura concept is growing constantly: six to twelve new studios open every month. Moreover, about 10% of our Partners open more and more units.

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Measurable benefits

Return of investment within 8-12 months

The Studio Figura Brand is recognized in 25 countries all over the world

Unique offer

Studio Figura has developed a unique concept that has been working for 10 years

Beginning of cooperation

3 simple steps are enough to begin your own adventure with SF

5 Steps to Open Your Own

Studio Figura

Check how easy it is to become the owner of your own studio!


Studio Location

Find the location where you want to open your own studio. Consider a place with an area of at least 100 square meters with a parking lot. The ideal locations are “the hearts” of cities and side streets.



Contact us and make an appointment in our office. During the meeting, we will tell you about the terms of cooperation with our company and we will prepare a detailed business plan.


Study Space

Send us a technical projection of the chosen premises as well as photos and videos. We will prepare a design of the equipment layout for you and then an arrangement in 3D.


Familiarize the Community

Follow us on Facebook and see how the studios work in Poland.


Try our Concept

Before you decide to open your own Studio Figura, become a client of one of our working studios and get to know our concept from the inside.

How to open your own Studio Figura in 3 simple steps
Your success begins now. Check how simple and safe it is to open your own studio. Make an appointment to discuss the necessary details of cooperation.

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You are only a step away from the opening of the Studio based on a safe and proven business model. Do not hesitate and start the adventure with Studio Figura now!