We provide the most comprehensive

offer for the franchisee

who opens Studio Figura

When starting your own business, we offer a full package of support which allows you to start your own office without stress or risk.

Studio Figura is a zone of:

WELLNESS, FITNESS and a new COSMETOLOGY – multi-functional devices for aesthetic cosmetology for the body and face based on modern technological solutions.

The original diet program:

individually developed based on the client’s goal generated by means of the SF Platform, which has a multi diet panel

SF supplements and cosmetics:

a unique formulation created especially for Studio Figura
detox programs, supporting slimming, firming and anti-cellulite products with cosmetic certifications.

Marketing program:

modern techniques of client acquisition and maintenance<
Facebook workshops

SF platform:

an innovative, convenient, powerful studio management tool with detailed information about each client. The dietetic panel, watching calories, and completing the weekly nutrition plan that takes into account all allergies and diseases, while generating individual diets

A reliable and effective investment:

monthly income at the level of 12-32 thousand USD depending on the size of the investment

return of expenditures usually after 8-10 months

we make a detailed business plan during a meeting at the headquarters of our company

Check what has been prepared

especially for YOU

in Studio Figura!